Slides from our RAILS Mid-term Workshop

Slides from our RAILS Mid-term Workshop (25 February 2022) are now available on our website:

Invited speakers:

“New steps forward in railways smart maintenance”: In2Smart2

“Electrical and electronic applications for railways”: Cenelec_TC_9X_SG34

“Validate AI Based Perception”: Validate_AI_Based_Perception

“The need for standard XAI — Explainable Artificial Intelligence”: ExplainableAI


Bird’s eye view: RAILS_MT





RAILS Mid-term Project Workshop (online)

The RAILS mid-term workshop will be held online (MS Teams) on 25th February 2022.

The main objectives of the workshop are:

  • to present the results of the analysis phase;
  • to introduce the next steps and the pilot case studies identified so far;
  • to discuss the safe integration of AI in autonomous driving, predictive maintenance, and traffic management.

Talks from RAILS researchers and invited speakers are planned for the morning.
A panel of experts will be held early in the afternoon to discuss aspects related to the development of roadmaps for the integration of data-driven and AI techniques in the rail sector.

The draft program of the workshop is now available here!

To attend the workshop, please register here.


Second AI4RAILS Workshop

The 2nd International Workshop on “Artificial Intelligence for RAILwayS”(AI4RAILS)

co-located with EURO 2021

11-14 July, 2021

Athens, Greece

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques on industry has been so disruptive that it gave rise to a new wave of research and applications. Several industries, mainly in logistics and manufacturing, have benefited significantly from AI adoption and this positive trend is planned to be kept in the future. Modern and future railways represent one of the fields in which AI is expected to have a significant impact in a medium to long term perspective, in order to get higher levels of automation of railway processes. On the one hand, this opens for unprecedented scenarios for railway systems, and on the other hand, it also raises concerns regarding system dependability and new threats associated with a high level of autonomy.

Therefore, the first step towards the adoption of AI in the railway sector is understanding to what extent AI can be considered effective, reliable, safe and secure. In such a context, building upon the ongoing Shift2Rail project RAILS (Roadmaps for the AI integration in the raiL Sector), the aim of AI4RAILS is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss and share new perspectives, ideas, technologies and solutions for an effective and dependable integration of AI techniques in rail-based transport systems.

More details can be found at: