Advisory board

The EU Agency for Railways (


Hitachi Rail STS (, a leading company in the rail transportation industry, founding member of the Shift2Rail JU, developing ATC and driverless systems.


First Rail (, one of the UK’s most experienced rail operators, carrying more than 345m passengers across four franchises and our open access operation.


MathWorks (, the makers of Matlab and Simulink software for modeling and simulation of complex systems, including toolboxes specific for AI/ML.


Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS; English: Dutch Railways, is a Dutch state-owned company, the principal passenger railway operator in the Netherlands. Founded in 1938, NS provides rail services on the Dutch main rail network. The Dutch rail network is the busiest in the European Union, and third busiest in the world after Switzerland and Japan

NextTechnologies (, a research center specialized on intelligent railway information and safety systems in cooperation with Hungarian State Railways.


Comesvil (, a company developing automation systems with specific expertise in railways and interest in AI for predictive maintenance.


Aitek (, specialized in AI, artificial vision and smart-sensing, with many projects in the field of railway transportation systems safety and security.


Syenmaint (, an Italian company with R&D expertise in intelligent maintenance and railways via a custom software application leveraging on ML.


ProRail ( is a private company under Dutch law, it is the manager of the main railway network in the Netherlands.